Frequently Asked Jewelry Questions

What is rhodium plating?

All white gold has a natural yellow tint to it. White gold items get rhodium plated to give the jewelry a true white look. At Engels our rhodium plating fee starts at $55.

How do you size a ring?

When a goldsmith sizes a ring, they will either cut out a piece or add a piece of gold to make it the desired size. Then they will solder the ring back together. Finally, the ring will be cleaned from any oxidation that occurred during the resizing process. At Engels our ring resizing starts at $50.

How much does it cost to change a watch battery?

Depending on the desired work and type of watch our watch battery services start at $20.

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is a document that provides a detailed description and corresponding retail replacement value for a specific item. This document is used by your insurance company to cover you in case of loss or theft. At Engels our appraisals are $75 for the first item and $40 for each additional item.

Is there a charge to clean my jewelry?

At Engels Jewelry there is no fee to clean, polish, and inspect your jewelry. You can stop by the store at your convenience and get your jewelry cleaned however often you would like.

Which one is more costly? Gold or white gold?

They are usually the same price. However, white gold requires periodic rhodium plating in order to keep it looking very white. So over time, the white gold ring could cost a little more in maintenance.

What is the difference between a comfort fit and regular fit ring?⁠

The difference between a standard fit ring and a comfort fit ring is the shape of the inside edge. A standard fit ring has a flat, inner surface, which fits snugly against your finger. A comfort fit ring has a beveled, inside edge, which allows it to slip on and off more smoothly.⁠

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