Update Your Wish List!

Update your wish list, we notify your loved ones, they receive 25% off your wish list, free gift wrapping, and free shipping!

Tired of not getting what you want for Christmas?

The Engels Jewelry Company is here to help! All you have to do is stop by the store and fill out a wish list! We take care of the rest! We will notify a loved one about your wish list with the email you provide. Whoever you would like us to email will get 25% off the items on your wish list, free shipping, and free gift wrapping! This way everyone wins! You get what you want and your loved ones know they got you a gift you will love! This promotion will run all of November.

Step 1: Stop by the store and fill out your wish list!

Step 2: We will contact your gift giver with their special coupon and let them know you have a wish list!

Step3: Open your gifts that you really wanted on Christmas!

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    Engels Jewelry Company

    2883 Wilson Ave sw

    Grandville, MI 49418

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    Get what YOU want this year for Christmas!

    25% off your wish list, free shipping, free gift wrapping!

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