Why would we create our own line of engagement rings?

Because of our history. The Engels Family has been in the Jewelry business for over 80 years. During that time, the jewelry business has transitioned from many of the quality family-run businesses that they once were too large, multinational manufacturing corporations, where quality is only a secondary concern.

We miss the old days. We believe that quality, family-run businesses are the core to true customer satisfaction, so we continue to pursue the value of lifetime quality and upholding the highest standard of customer service.

Each and every ring in our line is inspired by many years of watching trends come and go. You will find many different styles and settings, ranging in various sizes and colors.

Keep in mind: if you don’t see something in our collections that is for you, we will definitely make something for you that is unique; getting you exactly what you are looking for.

All of our Engagement Ring comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all normal wear and tare as well as any of the minor stones that may fall out of the ring.

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