After 1.5 years of Garrett’s mom begging him to propose, he finally did the dang thing! (I really was in no rush though, we found it funny). Garrett literally TOLD ME two separate times while on trips in BEAUTIFUL PLACES that “He was going to propose… but he changed his mind.” (I can’t make that up.)

So two days after returning home from Colorado (and two days before being diagnosed with mono… RIP) Garrett tells me WE NEED to go walk the dog at the Ski Bowl (woo!) and it’s freezing cold. My boss also said that I needed to go “check out the woods he cleared for a new terrain park.” (Don’t care)… but I went anyway… we get to the bowl and there’s a lady walking like a gazillion dogs so I suggest we go somewhere else… G is like, “nah it’s fine, Ivy will be good.” So we go. I’m halfway up the hill complaining non stop and asking if we could just go back to the car I kept telling him, “Ivy is tired we need to leave.” He insisted we needed to checkout the “cleared woods” for the new terrain park. So we get to the top of the BIG “hill” and Garrett slows down… and I am booking it to the woods to find the dang “cleared woods” but I don’t see anything. Cool. I ask if I should call our boss and Garrett says, “No, we will come back when there’s daylight … I didn’t think it’d get dark so fast. (Im thinking “no way & it was dark when we left the house????”
So, we turn around and head back to the top of the hill again… and Ivy BOLTS ( she never does this and I wasn’t about to chase her… I was FREEZING.)

We call her and she’s just sitting on the edge of the woods …( weird I thought) and then G begins to say, “we spend a lot of our lives here …and other stuff … I want to spend the rest of my life with you…” you know how it goes. Down on one knee. I ask, “What are you doing?” Realizing oh crap I better change my attitude… and then out of the woods comes Ivy Jade and our best pal Max and I was shook to my core. HA!

& we all lived happily ever after.

Oh yeah and I didn’t realize something was “going down” even though all the hill lights were on and we were closed. I was ready to call maintenance, but it all turned out okay.

We got married on August 17, 2019 and it was the best day ever!