The Difference of Diamonds


With many different characteristics associated with each diamond’s individual appeal, desirability and value, a diamond dossier or certificate has become key in picking the perfect stone for you.


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) created what is now considered the gold standard for determining a gemstone’s quality, characteristics and identification.  

The Four C’s

diamond color scale


With white diamonds, the color is graded based on how little color a diamond exudes to the viewer. Diamond’s of similar color are placed alongside each other for comparison to determine an official color grade.

diamond cut types


When balancing the many characteristics diamonds have in picking the perfect stone for your bride to be, the quality of cut is a diamond’s most important attribute.

diamond clarity chart


Diamond Clarity is a way to measure the level of tiny imperfections that exist within almost all diamonds except the very finest.

diamond carat weight scale


While one initially views a diamond’s size by looking at the stone and how big the table or flat top portion of it appears, a diamond’s size is measured in weight. Carats are a unit that specifically refer to the weight of a diamond.

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